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We are national distributors of Wizard™ cutting equipment in South Africa.

Are you  wanting to give your business the competitive edge by adding flair, innovation and creativity to your product offering, all while saving on time and costs? We will help take your business to a new level with high-quality Wizard™ software applications and equipment. A whole new world of design possibilities is available to you, from framing and packaging through to vinyl design and cutting solutions – the possibilities are endless!

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The Road Is Never Straight

There are times when business is tough, when the going is good, when achieving budget is easy and others when it is at a stretch. To make things even more challenging, we have to contend with fast – evolving technologies, together with ever-changing customer preferences and buying habits. It is therefore crucial for businesses to be agile in their thinking in order to successfully negotiate all the twists and turns such a dynamic market environment offers up.

Your Choice

Trudge The Straight Road or Dance The Winding Road

As soon as something stops being fun, I think it’s time to move on. Life is too short to be unhappy. Waking up stressed and miserable is not a good way to live.” – Sir Richard Branson

It’s time for serious introspection when things are currently being done in the same way as they were a year ago.” – Tri-Squared


The straight road is invariably characterised by monotony, stress, pressure and uncertainty, whereas, dancing the winding road creates a mindset of inspiration, challenge, fun, growth and security.

Working Together

Worthy Companions


Wizard™, world-leading “Maker of the Original Computerized Mat Cutter (CMC)” and the only manufacturer of CMC’s in the USA, is by no means a stranger to inspiration and innovation. Having created the very first CMC way back in 1994, they continue to apply their creativity and ingenuity to on-going development and currently offer a very comprehensive range of scalable and versatile products, together with software applications that easily afford you the competitive edge.

With Wizard™ products you will be able to shape your company as and when you wish, allowing you to keep abreast of market changes whilst exploring a huge range of dynamic applications – just let your imagination take over.

Fully understanding how vital product reliability is to any business, we at Tri-Squared are proud to be affiliated with a world-leading product and guarantee efficient, reliable technical expertise.

We complement our products and solutions with 45-years’ experience in equipment sales and support, with technical training obtained from equipment manufacturers in many countries around the world including, most recently, Wizard™ International’s factory in Mukilteo, WA, USA

Here we go!

Are You Ready?


Tri-Squared wants to help set you onto the winding road of success and be part of your journey.

With Wizard’s world-renowned products and dedicated support, together with our expertise and your imagination, we know the road ahead will be both inspirational and exciting – the growth of your business will naturally follow.



Z Series

Wizard™ has catapulted their product line-up to a whole new level with the launch of their Z Series of Computerised Mat Cutters.  One of the hallmarks of the Z Series is edge-to edge [zero wastage] cutting made possible by Wizard™ SmartClamps™ system, however, the value-adds of Wizard™ Z-Series by no means stop there. With further development emphasis being on application diversity, ease of use and convenience, all products in the Z Series are powered by Wizard™ user-friendly FrameShop® software which has become the industry-leading solution for custom mat design, nesting, tiling, and optimized outside cuts. In addition, the decorative design capabilities of their pen, debossing, box making, and vinyl cutting accessories provide virtually unlimited creative possibilities, with switching from one application to the other made quick and easy through Wizard™ SwitchBlade™ quick-change cartridge system.

Wizard™ CMC Z


The Wizard™ Z provides a diverse set of creative capabilities, including: debossing, decorative pen lines, cut vinyl embellishments, and can even create custom boxes and protective frame corners. Instantly switch between functions using the Z’s SwitchBlade™ quick-change cartridge system. The Wizard™ Z is the perfect tool for any custom frame shop that wishes to turn imagination into reality and who values versatility, flexibility, and cutting speed, with the added benefit of mat board savings from its zero edge waste SmartClamps™ system.

Wizard™ CMC Z1


The Wizard™ Z1 was created to be the ultimate mat cutting solution by combining edge-to-edge cutting with a suite of automation features that virtually eliminates human errors as well as ensuring consistency and reliability across an entire team of machine operators. It’s the only CMC in its class with advanced features such as: auto-homing, digital depth control (cutting depth is set through software and then motor-controlled), plus Wizard’s all-new innovative Intelli-Clamps™ collision detection & avoidance system.


The Z1 also includes all of the decorative design capabilities found in all of Wizard™ Z Series cutters: pen, debossing, box making, and vinyl cutting accessories, making it the ultimate custom mat design and cutting solution for custom framing businesses poised for growth.


Wizard™ AirGlide™


The Wizard™ AirGlide™ is a cutter powered by compressed air that easily cuts a wide variety of substrates. Featuring two speed settings and Wizard’s proprietary quick-change cartridges, the AirGlide™ provides effortless cutting and consistent quality—without the fatigue caused by traditional manual cutters. Just flip the switch, and watch it go to work!

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